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    1. Hello,Welcome To Jiangsu Hailong Electric Parts Co., Ltd.
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      SEARCH:   Traditional VVT 、MID-VVT 、MID-LOCK VVT

      If you are in need of a car engine series

      Hailong electric appliance can provide powerful and stable engine for you.

      Hailong electrical products display

      Hi-tech enterprises integrating research, testing, production, sales and terminal services.

      Credit guarantee

      A variety of professional tools testing, qualified factory, a number of brand enterprises different detection methods targeted detection, the third party professional testing agencies to detect.

      international standard

      The continuous optimization of the products, the enterprise staff tireless breakthrough spirit, laid the professional quality of Hailong electrical appliances, the pursuit of excellent quality, leading the automotive engine technical innovation vane.

      Independent R D

      Domestic reverse development, self-made special tooling error proofing technology, complete product traceability function, so as to achieve high quality and low price.

      customer service

      After sales service is closely integrated with product development department, it can respond quickly to customers' questions and provide accurate and professional answers.

      Make high quality products and serve the good faith
      Customer first; quality first; people-oriented; integrity management

      Partners and customers


      Jiangsu Hailong Electric Parts Co., Ltd.

      The company adheres to the value concept of "quality oriented, speed winning, team cooperation, good faith and enterprising", and follows the management concept of "customer first, quality priority, people-oriented, integrity management", to achieve "management regularization, work flow, quality consistency", and advance to first-class enterprises.【More】



      Jiangsu Hailong electrical appliance is entering the national high-tech enterpri

      Jiangsu Hailong Electric Parts Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of variable valve timing device in China, aiming at the innovation drive, aiming at the international frontier and improving its in...

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